Currently OJSC “Krasnoselskstroymaterialy” is the largest manufacturer of building materials in Belarus. During its almost a century-long history the plant has been growing into a modern diversified enterprise which manufactures essentially with its own raw materials. Its modern equipment permits to ensure the product quality which complies with national as well as European standards. Its regular customers are many large construction firms and corporations from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.




Nowadays Sport Saller is the largest company in Germany that specializes in production of football uniform and football equipment. The main office is based in Weikersheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Sport Saller was found by Richard Saller in 1972 in Tauberrettersheim. Initially Richard Saller started his business from sports shop selling good and cheap items for football teams but soon he refocused attention to creation a company selling sportswear of its own designing and production.  

The main direction of company’s activity aims at sale, creation and production its own brand «Saller». Under this brand, they produce and sell high-quality goods for training and recreational activities: balls, bags, training manuals, books, videos, materials for sports fields, sports shoes and training equipment.

In addition to office complex, sports shop and modern halls for storage and shipment goods, Weikersheim has one of the most modern gyms in Main-Tauber district. Here Richard Saller trains young and highly motivated players using state-of-the-art knowledge and the latest methods.

Also Saller is known as the official partner of the Gambia national football team and a number of other professional football teams such as  SC Paderborn 07 eV, SVV Jahn Regensburg, «Torpedo» (Kutaisi, Georgia) etc.

www.sport-saller.de | 


JSC «Grodno Azot» – it is the enterprise with a world name which is one of the largest enterprises of chemical industry of  Belarus more than half a century. It specializes in producing liquid technical ammonia, nitrogen mineral fertilizers, technical methanol, a caprolactam, polyamides, cord fabric and technical thread. In general «Grodno Azot» exports fertilizers on all 6 continents, to more than 40 various countries of the world.
JSC «Grodno Azot» has been a title sponsor of our club since a season of  2015.


JSC «Molochny Mir» – is one of the largest producers of dairy products in Belarus. The history of the dairy plant dates back to October 1938. Today it has a wide range of products, which has more than 300 types. The plant provides with food not only our countries, but also successfully increases export potential, which share in the production volume is already over 35%.


JSC «Grodno Tobacco Factory «Neman» is one of the oldest enterprises in Belarus, which throughout its one and a half century history has never changed its original specialization, bringing to our days its rich traditions. «Neman» produces more than 40 own brands of cigarettes, which allows the factory to occupy today 72% of the market of tobacco products in our country. Thanks to the high quality of its products, the Grodno factory successfully cooperates with the world's largest tobacco companies, such as British American Tobacco and Tobacco International Enterprises Limited. The products of the factory are exported to 15 countries of the world.


JSC «Skidel Sugar Factory» Is the oldest enterprise of sugar industry of the republic and this factory is part of the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern" Belgospishcheprom ".It is the only one enterprise in Belarus which produces lemon acid.

In 2013 JSC «Skidel Sugar Factory» has already been a title sponsor of our club. In that season the Grodno team has achieved the result highest in recent years. Following the results of the championship our team has taken the 4th final place.



The unitary enterprise «Grodnovtorchermet» has been successfully operating for more than 10 years as an independent business entity in Grodno and in the Grodno region and provides its professional services in the processing and supply of ferrous scrap and waste. Nowadays, the procurement of scrap and waste of ferrous metals from legal entities and individuals is carried out at points of reception and processing in the cities of Grodno, Lida, Volkovysk, Slonim, Oshmyany, Novoelnya. The availability of specially equipped vehicles allows to carry out assistance with the delivery of scrap metal to the shops and areas of the enterprise from all business entities of the Grodno region. Qualitative fulfillment of contractual obligations and satisfaction of our partners' expectations is one of the most important tasks set for the enterprise team.

«Grodnovtorchermet» is a part of the State Association «Belvtormet» and of the holding «Belarusian Metallurgical Company». 


Республиканское дочернее унитарное предприятие по обеспечению нефтепродуктами «Белоруснефть-Гроднооблнефтепродукт» образовано в 1944 году, а с 2005 года находится в составе компании «Белоруснефть», которая является крупнейшей фирменной сбытовой сетью в Республике Беларусь. В её составе находится более 540 автозаправочных станций, которые равномерно распределены по территории республики, в том числе на всех дорогах международного значения, вблизи пограничных переходов, в областных и районных центрах.

Основные виды деятельности: оптовая и розничная торговля нефтепродуктами, розничная торговля, общественное питание, оптовая торговля сопутствующими товарами. Свою деятельность предприятие осуществляет через сеть автозаправочных станций, магазинов, объектов общепита, торговых точек, складов хранения нефтепродуктов, расположенных в Гродненской области. К началу 2017 г. на территории региона работают 83 АЗС предприятия, в том числе 33 АГЗС.

Компания «Белоруснефть» гарантирует клиентам продажу качественных нефтепродуктов. Для выполнения этого обязательства организована система постоянного контроля качества моторного топлива через сеть аккредитованных лабораторий. Такой мониторинг исключает реализацию некачественных нефтепродуктов.


Grodnoenergo RUE is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the region ensuring sustainable and secure electricity and heat supply to housing and public sectors within the entire national economic complex of the Prineman area. Today Grodnoenergo RUE is a unified technological complex involved with energy production, transmission and distribution. The electric power system includes combined heat and power plants, hydroelectric power plants, district boiler stations, electrical transmission and distribution networks, heat supply networks.


Trust "Grodnorstroy" was established in 1981 and performs construction and erection works on the construction of residential buildings, modernization, reconstruction, capital and current repairs of housing stock, health facilities, education, social and cultural purpose, improvement of streets and courtyard territories. It is one of the leading construction companies of the Grodno region, belonging to the municipal property of the city level of management and is managed by the Grodno city executive committee, it is part of the system of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus.

This organization specializes in the construction of residential buildings, overhaul and reconstruction of housing stock, health facilities, education, social and cultural purpose, improvement of streets and courtyards. It carries out a full complex of construction and installation works on engineering development, construction of engineering communications in residential and public buildings, installation and service of systems of video observation and the alarm system.



Grodno meat-packing plant JCS is one of the largest integrated meat-processing factories in Belarus. Here, the very late manufacturing techniques have been introduced and masters of their craft are working. The capacity of JSC "Grodno Meat Packing Plant" allows producing about 1.5 thousand tons of sausages per month. About 25% of the products are exported. The meat factory produces and offers its customers for the sale of more than 450 types of products: sausages, semi-finished products, pork and beef meat.



Broadcasting channel «Grodno Plus» is an urban media holding. Under one roof there are essentially three editorial offices: Grodno Plus TV channel, MFM 105.0 radio and Grodno magazine. The main direction of the Grodno Plus TV and radio channel is informing city residents about all the most important events in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the regional Center and region, the propaganda of the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Grodno, the upbringing of spirituality and appeal to universally recognized human values, and the implementation of state policy.


MFM is confidently calm, lyrical, and informative and modern radio. This radio station inform about all the important news and events in the city of Grodno, constantly improving, developing new broadcasting projects, developing modern technologies, as well as supporting and creating cultural values, placing human values ​​at the center of its concept. Radio MFM, which in turn declares an active attitude to its and public life, the desire to engage in useful work, a creative approach to any business with a mood. People from Grodno, Grodno district, the city of  Volkovysk are listen to the radio MFM 105.0 


Recreation centre «Prival» is located in five kilometers from Grodno. The complex is located on a picturesque landscaped territory, which is surrounded by a forest.

The complex has excellent conditions for a memorable holiday for kids and their parents. This centre offers a hotel, a summer cafe, spacious gazebo with barbecue facilities and a lot of entertainment and attractions for children of all ages. Children and teenagers can feel themselves in the role of professional climbers, conquering the next height of the rope park, work out in outdoor sports simulators, play table tennis and football.
Also at the disposal of recreation centers guests  is a straw town, air hockey, a pneumatic and a shooting gallery for organizing small competitions and mastering shooting skills. Do not be bored and the smallest visitors of the recreation center, who will certainly like the inflatable ball-swing, bungee trampoline, «Half-sphere» attraction, stylish velomobiles, rollers, play areas and playgrounds and much more.

Recreation center «Prival» is an ideal place for active family rest away from city noise and fuss.